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              Bartlett, Abraham Dee
              SEC/6/6 · Item · 1855
              Part of ZSL Secretaries

              Letter from Abraham Dee Bartlett to David William Mitchell regarding the weight of the flesh, bones, skin and organs of an elephant

              NZSL/HOD/5/4/16 · Item · [10] Feb 1845
              Part of Non-ZSL Collections

              Memo of Zoological Collections
              Feby. [10?] 1845
              Delivered to the British Museum as per letter 3rd January

              Mam. Skins Bird Skins M[ammal] Skins Bird Bones
              402 4444 406 + 663 = 1069
              to these Brit. Museum added priorly sent collection and then distributed as follows, as by J.E. Gray's letter of 9 Feby.

                                        Bird Skins    Mammal Skins    Bird Bones    Mammal
              Bones and

              British Museum 1753 170 337 195
              India House 655 102 79 45 horns
              Leyden 536 78 40
              Paris 462 48 52
              Berlin 411 37
              Frankfurt 352 7
              Edinbro. 321
              Dublin 290
              Newcastle 259
              Canterbury 237 2
              Manchester 213
              Earl Derby 205
              H. Strickland 169
              Royal College of Surg. 140 58
              Haslar College 1 79
              near Gosport

                                          5863                   443                                             300
              Owen, Richard
              SEC/2/1/61 · File · 1833-1835
              Part of ZSL Secretaries

              Letters from Richard Owen regarding remarks on Bennett's edition of White's Natural History of Selborne, proofs of Bennett's paper with appreciation of his opinion on the value of Ousimile on Macr. Porryi, additions and alterations to notes on Hyrax, his omitted note of the salivary bags of the Armadillo from the written report of its dissection, MS of Clavagella, plans of the Monkey House and whether it is heated by hot air or steam, arrangements at the Garden to facilitate repetition and extension of experiments by Mr Hunter in 1725/6/7 to determine the relations subsisting between Wolf, Jackall and Dog, examination of 'your little feli-viverrine quadruped, bones of Touraco and drawings of Terebratala for the Zoological Society of London, East India Goats for sale by Mr Evans Riadone, an introduction to Mr Meade, a senior student at St Bartholomew's and a comparative anatomist and articulator of skeletons who wished to become a candidate for the College of Surgeons curatorship, and a request for Bennett to check a reference to 'Zoologie de la Caquille'

              Owen, Richard Sir
              SEC/5/1/3 · Item · 1840
              Part of ZSL Secretaries

              Letter from Sir Richard Owen to William Ogilby regarding his attendance at a committee meeting of the Zoological Society of London and a big bird bone which he believed to be about the age of a Dodo

              Owen, Richard, Sir
              SEC/7/15/6 · File · 1864-1881
              Part of ZSL Secretaries

              Letters from Sir Richard Owen to Philip Lutley Sclater on subjects such as plates of the Dodo, papers on bird bones, notes on the dissection of a penguin, cetacean drawings, chambered shells, drawings of birds from Madras, photographs of harpagornis and his papers on diornis