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              SUP/5/1/2/36 · File · 1946
              Part of Superintendents

              Correspondence between British Museum (Natural History) and Geoffrey Marr Vevers regarding a report of a Black-Headed Gull to the Bird-Ringing Committee at the British Museum of Natural History, articles on Okapi by Reginald Innes Pocock, an account of the baby Dendrohyrax by Cecil Stanley Webb , Antarctic Seals, skins and skulls of small carnivores, the fox which the Zoological Society of London received from Tel Aviv Gardens, an exhibition of Tree Hyraxes, exhibits for Major Cottam, donations of specimens to the British Museum (Natural History), mongoose skins, Tangier Smith's location in Sze Chuan to locate the original Pandas, the release of Kodiak Bears at Whipsnade Zoo, publications by Doubleday on the Giant Panda, rings for a Golden Eagle from the Bird-Ringing Committee, the species of Monkey from Northern Nigeria, a Leopard from the Himalayas, measurements of the Kodiak Bears called Kam and Schatka at Whipsnade, and a donation of Hedgehogs to the USA

              Queries - general
              SUP/5/1/2/186 · File · 1946
              Part of Superintendents

              Correspondence with Geoffrey Marr Vevers regarding general queries such as specimens of Hedgehogs, Birds of Prey, fencing for Bison, samples of bark, the flea Hectopsylla psittaci, insuring animals, big game hunters, a Llama cart, the well in the Zoological Gardens, cattle guards, the caring of monkeys as pets, a Tree Kangaroo named Minnie, the temperature in the Monkey House, bird life of the Cocos Islands, the bodies of Goldfish, measurements of the eyes of animals, photographs of the Penguin Pool and a broadcast on Children's Hour

              Queries - mammals
              SUP/5/1/2/187 · File · 1946
              Part of Superintendents

              Correspondence with Geoffrey Marr Vevers regarding queries about mammals such as an offer of a Lioness for mating, the measurements of Camels, Toto the Lesser Kudu, Mink breeders, Monkeys from East Africa, Quaggas, the gestation period of a Giraffe, Horned Hares, and domesticating the Paca and Capybara

              Tong, E H
              CUR/7/3/30 · File · 1949
              Part of Curators and Keepers

              Correspondence with E H Tong regarding the exchange of Red-breasted Geese, and the measurements of the Elephant called 'Carla' which was being returned to Hanover