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              NZSL/HOD/1/4 · File · 1844-1863
              Part of Non-ZSL Collections

              "List of the Specimens of Mammalia in the Collection of the British Museum.", 1843. Copy signed by Hodgson. Not annotated. "List of the Specimens of Birds in the Collection of the British Museum. Part I - Accipitres.", 1844. Copy signed by Hodgson. Not annotated. "Catalogue of the Specimens of Mammalia in the Collection of the British Museum. Part III. Ungulata furcipeda.", 1852. Copy annotated by Hodgson. "Catalogue of the Specimens and Drawings of Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, and Fishes of Nepal and Tibet, presented by B.H. Hodgson, Esq., to the British Museum. Second Edition.", 1863. Three copies annotated by Hodgson.

              Bonham-Carter, Christopher
              SEC/13/1/9 · File · 1960-1961
              Part of ZSL Secretaries

              Correspondence with Rear-Admiral Christopher Bonham-Carter animals to be collected from India, Pakistan, Nepal and Iran, a request for otters and admission prices for students

              NZSL/HOD/5/4/8 · Item · 27 Dec 1844
              Part of Non-ZSL Collections

              Canterbury Dec '27 1844

              J.E. Gray Esq
              Keeper Zoological Dept
              British Museum


              With reference to the series of my drawings presented to the British Museum I have the honor to state to you that on refering to my own original drawings from which those above averted to were copied for transmission to England, I find the original Drawings to be in number as follows
              2/ Anatomical and quasi anatomical

              1. Mammals - 94 108 Sheets
                Birds - 14
                Ordinary or Non-Anatomical
              2. Mammals
                Bats 7 Sheets
                Quadrupeds 245 Sheets
                111 Birds
                Old and new Series 826 Sheets

              IV Fishes, Snakes, Lizards
              Frogs and Tortoises 24 Sheets

              3/ Of the above a nearly complete Series of Nos 11 and 111 were transmitted to England in regular numerical order on the smaller scale of about 20 inches by 12, and, previously there had been sent more than half of the series of [ruder] execution and upon a much larger scale.
              4/ Of the anatomical series or No. 1 only portions were sent to England, and frequently in connexion with the Drawings of the species in question So also of the series No 1V only a small portion was ever transmitted.
              5/ Nevertheless the total of drawings transmitted from India exceeded what would seem to have been received by you ad the deficiency in your series appears to be so great particularly in the small sized drawings that I am led to request you will be pleased to give me a fresh and a careful Statement of all the Drawings you possess distinguished into greater and lesser sized ones, with the additional information when and whence you received them.
              6/ You will kindly let me have this information as soon as possible in order that I may institute inquiries myself at the several channels of transmission
              7 you have recently received from me 52 sheets of Birds and 10 of Mammals and I have this day delivered to your [Apt.?] 19 more sheets of Birds and 1 of mammals these which are the [sequel?] of the small series and ought nearly to complete it you will be pleased to include in your Statement as above requested.
              8/ There can be no question that a considerable number of Drawings despatched from India is not forthcoming at present if I may judge by the rough Memo left with me by you for my species amount to 823 as per margin
              Nepal Mammals 126
              Birds 656
              Tibet Mammals 47
              and, not to mention that the larger Series of Drawings was far advanced in the copying when the lesser series was began there was not only a nearly complete series on the smaller scale transmitted to England (inclusive of those delivered at Canterbury as above noted) but also several repeated and amended delineations of the same species in that series, particularly among the quadrupeds; and lastly, in the new and small series of Drawings there were seldome more than one species delineated on the same sheet, so that there should be on the whole pretty nearly as many sheets as species
              I have the honor to be
              B.H. Hodgson

              NZSL/HOD/5/4/13 · Item · 4 Feb 1845
              Part of Non-ZSL Collections

              Canterbury Feby 4 1845

              To the Revd J. Forshall
              Secretary British Museum


              I have the honor to acknowledge your letter of the 23 ult. relative to my Zoological collections

              1. With reference to the extent of these collections recently, and formerly delivered, it may conduce to future convenience if the Keeper of the Zoology be directed to submit to the Trustees a summary statement showing the totals of what has been received by the Museum, what retained by it, and what distributed elsewhere, in the shape of skins, bones, or Drawings.

              2. The following are the parties to which I wish the duplicate skins to be transmitted, in the order in which they are set down. India House, Leyden, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Edinbro, Dublin, Newcastle, Canterbury, Manchester, The Earl of Derby.

              3. The duplicate bones, I wish to be delivered to the Royal College of Surgeons, London, to The Zoological Society, London and to the other parties above named and in the same order, as far as the specimens go

              4. Letters are prepared by me to accompany these specimens, and I only wait your Keeper's report of what is available and the receipt of the Catalogue he is engaged to furnish, in order to deliver these letters.

              5. With regard to the missing Drawings presented to British Museum, I have the honor to state that I have recovered and delivered to your Keeper, sixty-five of them and that the following are the parties (beside Mr. Howard) from whom more of them may be expected to be obtained. The Royal Asi[atic] Society, The Zoological Society, Sir Alex Johnston, Professor H. H. Wilson.

              6. Mr Howard, I find it as length forthcoming and admits having a complete set of the Mammal Drawings which however he attempts to retain possession of under pretext the futility of which Mr. Hawkins of your Museum can establish. No time should be lost in recovering these drawings from Mr. Howard.
                I have the honor to be
                your most obt. Servant
                B. H. Hodgson
                Late Minister at the Court of Nepal

              NZSL/HOD/5/4/10 · Item · [6] Jan 1845
              Part of Non-ZSL Collections

              Canterbury Jan [6] 1845

              To Professor Owen
              College of Surgeons

              My dear Sir,

              I have the pleasure to acknowledge your letter of the 23 Ulto in reply relative to my osteological Collections averting to what you told me upon the occasion of my visit to the Museum of the College of Surgeons (viz that your space is very limited and your object, merely to exhibit the more striking diversities of structure in the animal Kingdom) I am afraid that my osteological Collection, which is very extensive and abounds in individual specimens, is unsuited to your institution and, as the British Museum has agreed to receive it I have determined to send the whole of the bones as well as the skins there, at least in the first instance and pending such ultimate arrangements as may seem most fitting. In every event I have provided that such of the duplicates shall be at your disposal for the College of Surgeons as that institution may desire to possess and I trust I may yet indulge the hope of obtaining the benefit of your opinion relative to the Collection

              • 1049 Specimens

              Believe me
              Yrs very truly
              B.H. Hodgson