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ZSL Museum
MUS · Fonds · 1833-1852

It was proposed in the setting up of ZSL that there would be a museum for zoological specimens, and items began being collected c.1827 including a collection of Sumatran specimens donated by Lady Sophia Raffles, widow of ZSL founder Sir Stamford Raffles. The museum was housed firstly within our office building at 33 Bruton Street in central London, and charged entry for people to visit. Many specimens were donated by fellows, John Gould donated his collection of Himalayan birds in 1831 to the museum, for example. The museum proved very popular, and grew at such a rate that it was one of the reasons for moving office to Leicester square. It was decided that the Society either needed to purchase a dedicated building for it - or to disperse the collection. ZSL Council chose the latter, and by 1855 the collection had been dispersed to various other collections including the British Museum (Natural History) and Norwich Museum.

Zoological Society of London
Zoological Record
SEC/11/2/11/4 · Item · 29 May 1952
Part of ZSL Secretaries

Minutes of a meeting of recorders and searchers held in the Board Room of the British Museum (Natural History)

Wood, Charles
SEC/6/62 · Item · 1850
Part of ZSL Secretaries

Letter from Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax, regarding the museum collection of the Zoological Society of London

Witte, G Fr de
CUR/3/1/58 · File · 1921
Part of Curators and Keepers

Letters from Gaston-Francois de Witte to Joan Procter regarding her work at the British Museum and papers recommended by Procter

Werner, Franz
CUR/3/1/56 · File · 1922-1925
Part of Curators and Keepers

Letters from Franz Werner to Joan Procter regarding specimens of snakes, an exchange of papers, volumes by Mr Boulenger, a gift of newts, a new frog in London Zoo, and Procter's position at the British Museum

United States Lines
SUP/5/1/1/133 · File · 1945
Part of Superintendents

Correspondence between United States Lines and Geoffrey Marr Vevers regarding the transport of animals and museum specimens to Philadelphia on the Russell R. Jones

United Services Museum
SEC/2/1/75 · File · 1835
Part of ZSL Secretaries

Letter from the Secretary of the United Services Museum, accompanying two specimens of birds killed in Mexico and of a Scoter killed at Southampton. The letter asks the Zoological Society of London to inspect and return them

Turner, Alan
SUP/5/1/2/214 · Item · 1946
Part of Superintendents

Letter from Geoffrey Marr Vevers to Alan Turner of Coryndon Museum in Nairobi to thank him for the assistance he gave C S Webb in collecting animals for the Zoological Society of London

Tindell Hopwood, Dr A
SEC/13/1/137 · File · 1958
Part of ZSL Secretaries

Letter to Dr A Tindell Hopwood of the British Museum (Natural History) inviting him to act as Honorary Editor for a further volume of Nomenclator Zoologicus