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Masters, W
SEC/2/1/51 · Item · 1833
Part of ZSL Secretaries

Letter from W Masters to Joseph Sabine at Bruton Street regarding a present received by Canterbury Museum from S R Lushington, recently returned from India, comprising of 2 Hunt Leopards, 1 Royal Tiger and 2 Black Monkeys. They are currently in the West Indies Docks. The Museum has no facilities for handling them and asks to send for the animals to Regent's Park

Museum report
MUS/1 · File · 1833
Part of ZSL Museum

Day by day account of work in the ZSL Museum. Divided into Accessions, Anatomy, Preserving Department, Museum, Stores. Written by the Superintendent of the Museum, William Martin. Occasional entries by John Gilbert. Also mentions the work of Alexander Chambers, John Gould and Richard Owen.

Magrath, -
SEC/2/1/50 · Item · 1834
Part of ZSL Secretaries

Letter from Magrath regarding plans of a museum. He remarks that they are less expensive than Anglesea or the Duke of Buckingham's House

Burton, Decimus
SEC/2/1/14 · File · 1834-1835
Part of ZSL Secretaries

Letters from Decimus Burton to Edward Turner Bennett regarding his brother's giraffe, the location of the parrot cage, drawings of the museum, the risk of fires, and the meeting of the creditors of the Colosseum

Ruppell, Edmund
SEC/2/1/67 · File · 1832-1835
Part of ZSL Secretaries

Letters from Edmund Ruppell, a German citizen from Frankfort, giving appreciation for receipt of his diploma as a foreign member of the Zoological Society of London, Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, comments on his discoveries such as a new variety of Gasteropod, a list of mammals and birds 'our museum wishes to get from England' receipt of the 1934 Proceedings, the first volume of museum catalogue, and his wish to complete the exchange

United Services Museum
SEC/2/1/75 · File · 1835
Part of ZSL Secretaries

Letter from the Secretary of the United Services Museum, accompanying two specimens of birds killed in Mexico and of a Scoter killed at Southampton. The letter asks the Zoological Society of London to inspect and return them

Notes and memos
SEC/2/2 · File · 1830-1835
Part of ZSL Secretaries

Notes and memos including a Report of the Council and Report of the Auditors of the Zoological Society of London read at the Anniversary Meeting, a meeting of naturalists at the British Museum, extracts from letters to Mr Owen, and Edward Turner Bennett's account of Macropus Parryi

SEC/2/1 · Sub-series · 1826-1836
Part of ZSL Secretaries

Letters to E T Bennett (or to the Secretary of the Zoological Society). An occasional letter is addressed to John Bennett who was Edward's brother and a botanist at the British Museum. Mr Bennett commenced as Vice Secretary. He founded the library although it was, for a number of years, located in his office with less than 1000 books

Gould, John
SEC/2/1/26 · File · 1833-1836
Part of ZSL Secretaries

Letters from John Gould regarding a Zebra that was exhibiting signs of tetanus, the request of a salary of £50 for the new arrangement by the Museum Committee, an expedition to collect specimens for the Zoological Society of London and several gifts to the Society