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              5 Description archivistique résultats pour France

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              Reports on visits to foreign zoos
              REP/4 · Dossier · 1934-1940
              Fait partie de Reports

              List of American zoos by A Lindsay; Report of a visit to New York and Chicago (1936); 'Notes on visits to some foreign zoos, 1934 and 1935' by Huxley (covering New York Bronx, Philadelphia, Washington, Paris Vincennes, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich Hellabrun, & Frankfurt); extract from report on the British Colonial Exhibit, World's Fair, New York, 1939; Report on visit to Austria and Germany by D Seth Smith (c1937); Report on a visit to the Zoological Gardens at Antwerp, Rotterdam and Amsterdam (1935); Report on a visit to France (1938); letter from Chalmers Mitchell to the Directors of Zoological Gardens in Germany, introducing Huxley, 1935; handwritten notes on zoos; notebook; 'La Reproduction des Animaux Sauvages en Captivite' by A Urbain; Report on visit to Brookfield Zoo (1940); guide to Internationalen Jagdaustellung, Berlin, 1937.

              Chaplin, Anthony
              SUP/5/1/2/54 · Dossier · 1946
              Fait partie de Superintendents

              Correspondence between Anthony Chaplin and Geoffrey Marr Vevers regarding the import of animals from France to the Zoological Society of London