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Authority record
Adams, Phyllis
Person · 1918-

Housekeeper at Whipsnade Zoo

Mylward, George
Person · 1865-1924

Painter, Stoker, Messenger and Housekeeper at ZSL

Dallen, Mrs
Person · 1829-1921

Housekeeper at ZSL London Zoo

Hayes, J
Person · 1889-

Book cleaner and Stoker, Assistant to Housekeeper, Messenger and Helper at ZSL London Zoo

Darnton, Joan Ellen
Person · 1920-

Domestic Assistant in Bothy at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Goward, Charlotte
Person · 1870-

Housekeeper in the lodge at ZSL London Zoo

Neville, Mrs
Person · 1872-

Housekeeper in the Keepers Lodge at ZSL London Zoo

Searle, A V
Person · 1887-

Housekeeper at ZSL London Zoo