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  • The buildings around the West Service Gate, to the north of the Mappin Terraces, derive from a 1950 plan for a new service complex that was incorporated into the 1958 redevelopment scheme prepared under Sir Hugh Casson. They were the first part of this scheme to be executed as the shifting of supply and works functions from the Middle Gardens to this site made space available for the Cotton Terraces. Built 1951 and 1958-60, Franz Stengelhofen, architect. (Services Building and Garage, 1960. Works Department, 1958-59. Boiler House, 1951; Incinerator added 1959, replaced 1982.

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  • The Buildings of London Zoo

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    West Service Gate Buildings

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    West Service Gate Buildings

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      West Service Gate Buildings

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        West Service Gate Buildings

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          West Gate Services Building plans
          ARC/8/1 · Dossier · 1955-1959
          Fait partie de Architecture and buildings

          Plan, section and elevation drawings relating to the construction of the West Gate Services Building (Works Department), London Zoo, dated January 1955-September 1959. Some hand annotations. Architect/engin