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Tiger Territory
  • Tiger Territory is London Zoo's Sumatran tiger enclosure, designed by architect Michael Kozdon and officially opened by the Duke of Edinburgh in March 2013. The enclosure is 2,500 square metres in size and features authentic Indonesian plant life, as well as a net canopy of 3mm steel cable supported by four metal poles. The exhibit is also home to Reeves's muntjacs, Northern white-cheeked gibbons and a pair of Buru Babirusas.
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Tibet 57 0
Three Island Pond
  • Three Island Pond is an irregularly shaped artificial pond of about 130 ft (40 m) by 165 ft (50 m) in extent, the south side of which has been incorporated into the New Lion Terraces. The enclosure is inhabited by pelicans, coots and ducks, and the three islands are planted with large willows and other trees. Built 1832, Decimus Burton, architect. Enlarged 1852. Altered 1961 and 1876.
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The Centre for Elephant Care
  • Opened in 2017
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The Attenborough Komodo Dragon House
  • London Zoo's Komodo Dragon enclosure was opened by Sir David Attenborough in July 2004. The enclosure is designed to resemble the dragon's natural habitat of a dry river bed, and sounds of Indonesian birds are regularly played into the enclosure.
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