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Blackburn Pavilion
  • The Blackburn Pavilion is a rainforest-themed tropical bird aviary that opened in March 2008, as a refurbishment of the zoo's bird house. The building was originally constructed in 1883, as a reptile house. The pavilion houses fifty different species of exotic birds, including Socorro doves, scarlet macaws, blue turacos, Mindanao bleeding-hearts, red-crested turacos, violet turacos, scarlet ibis, Victoria crowned pigeons, white-throated toucans, splendid sunbirds, pied avocets, red-and-yellow barbets, red-billed leiothrix and blue-winged kookaburras. Outside the entrance is one of the pavilion's prominent features, a large elaborate clock by Tim Hunkin. It gives a bird-themed display every thirty minutes throughout the day.
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