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Barclay Court
  • Barclay Court was laid out as an improvement of the area in front of the Zoo's restaurant and shop. It intentionally recalls Captain George Swinton's 1913 scheme for a court on this site. Built 1989-90, with a £500,000 benefaction from Frederick and David Barclay; Clouston and Partners, landscape architects. The fountain became a flower bed in 2003. The statue of Guy was moved to the centre at the same time and it was renamed Oasis Court.
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Basel 1 0
Bear and Child Statue
  • At the centre of the circulation area at the east end of the Children's Zoo there is a small bronze statue of a child riding a bear. It was installed in 1928, donated in memory of Sigismund Goetze by his widow; E M A, sculptor. Moved about 1977. The statue was moved to the Library in 2013.
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