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Elephant Herd
  • Whipsnade Zoo keeps a herd of nine Asian elephants. Their paddock is seven acres, and featured three pools, mud wallows and dust baths. The elephant herd has a brand new indoor facility, the Centre for Elephant Care, which opened in Easter of 2017.
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Elephant House
  • His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh opened Whipsnade's new Elephant House in 1997
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First Aid Station and South Gate Lavatories
  • The First Aid Station and South Gate Lavatories are single storey brick buildings. The First Aid Station was built as a shop (and used by Granada Television for 'Zoo Time') before conversion to its present use. Built 1967, Franz Stengelhofen, architect. Converted 1985-86.
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Flamingo Pool
  • The Flamingo Pool was formed on the site of a wolverine, jackal and fox enclosure. Latterly used by pelicans, it has now reverted to its original use. Built 1965. Relandscaped 1992 with funding from BOC Limited.
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Former Prairie Dog Enclosure
  • To the north of Three Island Pond there is an irregularly shaped grassed enclosure. Formed in 1905 for the display of squirrels, but soon given over to prairie dogs, it is about 55 ft (17 m) across. A small budgerigar aviary stood on the site before it was again used for squirrels and then abandoned.
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