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Letter from Brian Houghton Hodgson to G F L Marshall


  • 11 Feb 1870 (Creación)

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Alderley Grange
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Feb. 11 [18]70

My dear Marshall

I have your letter and its enclosure from Hume to you, and as you tell me you are satisfied of Hume's [power] and will to go through with his projected work on the general ornithology of India I have resolved to act, on your suggestion that your brother should take out with him to India the whole of my material to be turned to use in Hume's work. This I may say will save time when time is precious seeing that the work is rapidly progressing, and that there will be no difficulty arising out of your temporary absence in regard to the reading of the Hindi problem of the memorandum. Wherefore I mean the day after tomorrow to send to you in a big deal box the four portfolios of drawings together with my own m.s list of birds so far as the Nepal collection goes (2) my native painter's Hindi list of the whole including the Sikim collection (3) Red bound vol of Manners of Birds done in Nepal by my writer from, viva voce statements of my Shikaris (4) Eight volumes unbound of Ditto Ditto done at Darjeeling (5) Sundry m.s Mems. by myself done in Tarai in 1846 (6) two copies of my printed catalogue from Zool. Miscellany 1844 (7) Six copies of reprint of 6 at Calcutta in 1846 (8) Sundry printed papers/original to Marshall (copy) 15th Feby to be signed. See Grote and let me hear of safe arrival of the box.
and believe me always Sir
Yrs. B H Hodgson

X I return this herein

To G. F.L. Marshall

received from B.H. Hodgson the loan of his Ornithological Drawings and Notes consisting of
1st Eleven hundred and four sheets of Drawings
2nd Mr. H's own Ms. List of his Birds so far as the Nepal collection goes
3rd His native painter's Hindi list of the whole collection including the Sikim portion
4th one red bound volume of the Manners of the Birds done in Nepal by his writer from viva voce statements of his Shikaris
5th Sundry Ms. Memos done by himself in the Sikim Tarai in 1846
6th Two copies of his own catalogue as printed in London
7th Six copies of reprint of 6 in Calcutta in 1846
8th Sundry printed papers being author's copies

G. Marshall
London Feb 1870

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