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ZSL Council
COU · Fonds · 1826-2019

Council is the governing body of the Zoological Society of London. It is made up of three elected Officers - the President, Secretary and Treasurer – and twelve elected members. Council members are the Trustees

Zoological Society of London
Authority of the Council
COU/8 · File · 1841-1912
Part of ZSL Council

Papers regarding the authority of the council of the Zoological Society of London, including the legal opinion on the right of Council to grant pensions to staff and office; information regarding the illegality of Council's submitting its acts performed by virtue of the powers so conferred on them for confirmation or reversal by a General Meeting of the Fellows; Council's authority to appoint staff without reference to the Fellows; original authority for paying the Secretary; legal opinion regarding Dr Sclater's pension; authority to the Society to dispose of property and a codicil to Sir Peter Chalmers Mitchell's will

Elections to Council
COU/6 · File · 1996-2000
Part of ZSL Council

Background, applications and votes for places on Zoological Society of London Council

Council and Subscribers
COU/5 · Item · 1826-1829
Part of ZSL Council

List of Council members and subscribers to the Zoological Society of London from 1826-1829