Herring gull

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        Herring gull

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          Herring gull

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            Herring gull

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              Revelstoke, Baron Rupert
              SUP/6/1/1/87 · Dossier · 1949
              Fait partie de Superintendents

              Correspondence between Baron Rupert Revelstoke and George Soper Cansdale regarding an offer of Common Gull, Herring Gull, Lesser Black backed Gull, Black Headed Gull, Kittiwakes and Shags, and a request for Turnstones

              Marks, Henry Stacey
              SEC/7/13/7 · Dossier · 1877-1892
              Fait partie de ZSL Secretaries

              Letters from Henry Stacey Marks to Philip Lutley Sclater requesting him to send someone to fetch two herring gulls, a reference for Miss L Murray to sketch in the gardens of the Zoological Society of London, and a reference for Dr Ramage who was a candidate for the post of Medical Attendant to the keepers of the Zoological Society