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        Elephantidae, elephants

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            Elephantidae, elephants

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              Sir Everard Home
              PRE/1/1 · Item · 13 Aug 1821
              Part of ZSL Presidents

              Letter from Sir Stamford Raffles to Sir Everard Home regarding the head of a young Sumatran elephant sent to Home, the location of Babirusa and information about Toredo

              Gouldsmith, R
              SEC/1/7 · Item · 1831
              Part of ZSL Secretaries

              Letter from R Gouldsmith to Nicholas Aylward Vigors regarding the elephant at the gardens of the Zoological Society of London

              Horsfield, Thomas
              SEC/2/1/40 · File · 1832-1834
              Part of ZSL Secretaries

              Letters from Thomas Horsfield regarding his inability to meet Yarrell and Sabine, examination of his proofs, information of remarks of any kind on a species of elephant described in a passage he quotes from Bishop Heber's journal, Bennet's judgement on descriptions of several species, and an introduction to Mr Hugh Murrey who was was engaged in publication of an Account of China for the Edinburgh Cabinet Library in Zoology of China

              Woods, H
              SEC/2/1/79 · File · 1832
              Part of ZSL Secretaries

              Letter from H Woods who says he spoke to Wombwell (a dealer in Commercial Road) about the kangaroo. He would be satisfied with the female and would give an equivalent. He had his eye on a bear in the corner on the left of the elephants. He encloses a drawing of the head of the bear but the den was too dark to see it distinctly

              Beaumont, John Thomas Barber
              SEC/2/1/6 · File · 1835-1836
              Part of ZSL Secretaries

              Letters from John Thomas Barber Beaumont, County Fire Officer, discussing the effectiveness of heating in the Elephant House

              Hamilton, William Tyler
              SEC/2/1/29 · Item · 1836
              Part of ZSL Secretaries

              Letter from William Tyler Hamilton saying the elephant had arrived and appeared least worse for it. It was a valuable addition to the collection. They are likely to lost the last fine male as it was showing signs of enlargement of the epiglottis which proved fatal in the female

              Prater, Louis
              SEC/5/1/4 · Item · 1845
              Part of ZSL Secretaries

              Letter from Louis Prater to William Ogilby regarding lions, an elephant, and a giraffe available for sale to the Zoological Society of London

              Batty, W
              SEC/6/7 · File · 1851
              Part of ZSL Secretaries

              Correspondence between W Batty of Astley's Amphitheatre, to David William Mitchell regarding the price for two elephants

              Barnum, Phineas Taylor
              SEC/7/2/7 · File · 1867-1886
              Part of ZSL Secretaries

              Letters from Phineas Taylor Barnum to Philip Lutley Sclater regarding the purchase and transfer of Alice the elephant. Also a letter regarding the purchase of specimens for Barnum's Zoological Museum

              McLachlan, Robert
              SEC/7/13/25 · Item · 1871
              Part of ZSL Secretaries

              Letter from Robert McLachlan of The Entomological Society, to Philip Lutley Sclater regarding an elephant trunk that was suffering from caries