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              NZSL/HOD/5/5/47 · Item · 16 Dec 1849
              Part of Non-ZSL Collections

              Dec 16/49

              Dear old Brian

              Stuck in the [mud] by all things beautiful and I cannot yet change my notion that nothing but [?] will get us out of this. Dewan has camped here, utterly non plussed he has called the Kajis and Soubahs to council but they won't budge to come here and are now trying to get all the blame and responsibility upon his shoulders. The Singtam Soubah and Gangtok Kaji's brother, who were (all along I insisted to Campbell) send in as scapegoats will not turn up. Dewan says "why should I go in alone who have done nothing!" Luckington has we understand X I do hope it is only a request but we have no authentic news X written to the Dewan asking what he is concerned about, if so I don't wonder that Dewan is non plussed, for my impression all along was and is that this fellow was coming to submit and to hand up G. Kaji and S.S. as peace offerings. Now he has involved himself too much and the said accomplices or rather dupes are [?] [?] and if they do any thing will be ready to show that the Dewan plotted all their [seizure[ months and months ago.
              The [?] too hampered Dewan grievously. Campbell stopped his whole investment last year when [?] he the Dewan would not produce the Rajah and he very naturally expects a similar course now to be pursued. All hands are utterly at their wits end on account of a new Commissioner having come up to D- they expected to have to do with [?] alone. As to the pres. in Council's letter they do not give one [?] for it that and all similar threats gain no credence whatever. The rumours of soldiers frighten them a great deal but they never will believe that we can cross either Rungert or Teesta till we do it as to sending us in, that the Dewan swears he will not do such are my present impressions I should not be surprised if we were taken or sent tomorrow to Dorjiling or to Tumloong for such a senseless brute as this never breathed, the deeper he gets involved the more helplessly obstinate he becomes. We were made very uneasy this morning by one of the [Dacock?] [?] being taken suddenly and violently ill during his meal. with what C says are all the peculiar symptoms of bikh poisoning. Dewan was sitting in our tent when it happened the brute [bores?] our lived out and went with us to the man. I had his unfinished rice kept and we have him [smart] emetics - all the rejectaments I also kept and sent [?] to the Dewan for the day to eat all up he sent me at once but nothing happened the beast who was duly thankful for the "repast" I thought this the best plan of allaying suspicions on the Dewan's part if our dreading foul play which would only complicate matters. As it is he all but gave me an [?] in the [?] where we had a man regularly knocked down by it. He is out of all sight the nastiest meanest most [?] brute I ever came across - but when he chooses very agreeable and has no small store of the information I want. The Lama does all he can to put matters square, but the two hate one another like cat and dog and shew that there is no love lost between them. Very many thanks for your goodness to [Mr. Thuman?] we must have him up for [?] and Chittagong via Jenkins and the [Khapye?] [?] you go that way. I cannot be ready until I get all my collections sent down to Calcutta and my character cleared by Luckington as a land [?] what is the natural impression that all must adopt who do not know the circumstances I am to stand Godfather to Campbell's new child as if I had not sins more of my own. I shall "renounce the Dewan and all his works" I take it very kind of the Campbell's to wish it. I send you some of my father's letters [?[ the little chart won't do at all. I expressly ordered him not to publish it. Don't for God'sake trouble yourself about my misunderstandings I thank you from the bottom of my soul for your grand frankness and gentleness
              Archie sends his love
              Yr. ever affectionate
              J.D. Hooker

              Please shew [Thuman/Thurman?] my father's letters. I have always forgot about Nepal paper my good fellow I never dreamed what you were about in taking the [responsibility?] as well as trouble of that - If you can I should like 6 loads be sent for; but I suppose you can hardly get coolies at this juncture