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            Animal rearing

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              Taylor, Edgar
              SUP/5/1/1/126 · Unidad documental simple · 1945
              Parte de Superintendents

              Letter to Geoffrey Marr Vevers from Edgar Taylor regarding the establishment of a game farm in East Africa for collecting and rearing large numbers of animals for Zoos

              NZSL/ROP/14 · Unidad documental compuesta · 1974-1978
              Parte de Non-ZSL Collections

              Colour negatives taken in the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens, of the mammal house, dated November 1974; lemurs, marmosets, a Celebes ape and an agouti, dated 1975; orangutans, dated May 1978; a hand-reared squirrel monkey and other mammals, dated 25 September 1975

              Operation Curieuse
              CON/1/19 · Unidad documental compuesta · 1986-1991
              Parte de Conservation

              Correspondence, proposals and visit reports regarding Operation Curieuse, a project to build a rearing unit for Giant tortoises and the establishment of education and anti-poaching programmes on Curieuse Island, The Republic of Seychelles

              Hart-Dyke, Lady Zoe
              CUR/7/4/17 · Unidad documental compuesta · 1950
              Parte de Curators and Keepers

              Correspondence with Lady Zoe Hart-Dyke of Lullingstone Silk Farm Ltd, regarding the rearing of Emus, the sale of Peafowl, and Lyre-Birds

              Mitchell, B L
              SUP/6/1/2/42 · Unidad documental compuesta · 1950
              Parte de Superintendents

              Correspondence between B L Mitchell and George Soper Cansdale regarding payment for shipments of animals to the Zoological Society of London and the subject of rearing young Leopards

              Blackwell, V
              CUR/7/5/1 · Unidad documental compuesta · 1951
              Parte de Curators and Keepers

              Correspondence with V Blackwell regarding the diet and rearing of Tarsiers

              Thompson, James
              SEC/6/56 · Unidad documental compuesta · 1856-1857
              Parte de ZSL Secretaries

              Correspondence between James Thompson, Head Keeper at London Zoo, and David William Mitchell regarding the expense to carry out the experiment of rearing mammals and birds in the Hill Country for transmission to Enland, and the transmission of a collection of Himalayan pheasants to the Zoological Society of London

              Duke of Bedford
              SUP/5/1/3/18 · Unidad documental compuesta · 1947
              Parte de Superintendents

              Correspondence between the Duke of Bedford and Geoffrey Marr Vevers regarding getting European Bison from Poland, the Curator of the New York Zoological Society sending White-tailed deer to the Zoological Society of London, an offer of Chartley Cattle and Soay Sheep by the Duke of Bedford, a specimen of the under-coat of the Pere David's deer, the early history of Pere David's deer, an Indian Rhino being brought from Calcutta by ZSL Overseer L M Flewin, Wisent bulls in Stockholm, the rearing of Pere David's deer at Whipsnade, an exchange of Parakeets, and the importation of Pere David's deer to Australia,

              Duiker Notes of June M Hopkins
              NZSL/HOP/1 · Unidad documental simple · 1962-1968
              Parte de Non-ZSL Collections

              Observational notes on the rearing and behaviour of duikers and other animals (lions, antelopes and a pet cat) in Nigeria. Includes some correspondence. Also an extract from June Hopkins' journal describing a visit to Nairobi National Park Animal Orphanage

              Sin título
              Note for Estimates Committee
              SEC/10/2/2/2 · Unidad documental simple · 13 Jan 1937
              Parte de ZSL Secretaries

              Notes for the Estimates Committee on Miss Sladden who was given accommodation in the Reptile House to continue her research on stick insects in return for helping with the rearing of reptiles and amphibia