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            Animal experimentation

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              Ewart, James Cossar
              SEC/7/5/10 · File · 1895-1901
              Part of ZSL Secretaries

              Letters from James Cossar Ewart to Philip Lutley Sclater regarding repeating Lord Morton's giraffe experiment and an examination of a piece of skin sent by Harry Johnston

              Owen, Richard
              SEC/2/1/61 · File · 1833-1835
              Part of ZSL Secretaries

              Letters from Richard Owen regarding remarks on Bennett's edition of White's Natural History of Selborne, proofs of Bennett's paper with appreciation of his opinion on the value of Ousimile on Macr. Porryi, additions and alterations to notes on Hyrax, his omitted note of the salivary bags of the Armadillo from the written report of its dissection, MS of Clavagella, plans of the Monkey House and whether it is heated by hot air or steam, arrangements at the Garden to facilitate repetition and extension of experiments by Mr Hunter in 1725/6/7 to determine the relations subsisting between Wolf, Jackall and Dog, examination of 'your little feli-viverrine quadruped, bones of Touraco and drawings of Terebratala for the Zoological Society of London, East India Goats for sale by Mr Evans Riadone, an introduction to Mr Meade, a senior student at St Bartholomew's and a comparative anatomist and articulator of skeletons who wished to become a candidate for the College of Surgeons curatorship, and a request for Bennett to check a reference to 'Zoologie de la Caquille'

              SUP/5/1/2/206 · File · 1946
              Part of Superintendents

              Correspondence between St Mary's Hospital Medical School and Geoffrey Marr Vevers regarding experiments on dogs eating the whole meat and physiology books, as well as a request from the Scientific Society of St Mary's Hospital Medical School for Vevers to address them on zoology and natural history

              Thompson, James
              SEC/6/56 · File · 1856-1857
              Part of ZSL Secretaries

              Correspondence between James Thompson, Head Keeper at London Zoo, and David William Mitchell regarding the expense to carry out the experiment of rearing mammals and birds in the Hill Country for transmission to Enland, and the transmission of a collection of Himalayan pheasants to the Zoological Society of London