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Authority record
Bowman, Edward
Person · 1883-

Labourer, Helper, Keeper, Head Keeper, and Overseer at ZSL London Zoo

Branson, Arthur
Person · 1896-

Electrician Assistant, Painter and Labourer in the Works Department at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Broad, Alfred
Person · 1916-

Foreman Labourer, later Senior Works Assistant at ZSL London Zoo

Brown, George
Person · 1869-1944

Labourer, Helper and Keeper at ZSL London Zoo

Bull, Albert E
Person · fl 1942

Works Department at ZSL London Zoo

Burgess, Richard Albert
Person · 1902-

Painter at ZSL London Zoo, later Labourer and Push Chair Attendant

Cartwright, H W
Person · 1912-

Casual Labourer at ZSL London Zoo

Clark, William
Person · 1920-

Labourer in the Works Department and later Sweeper in the Gardens at ZSL London Zoo

Clarke, F
Person · 1872-

Labourer and Storekeeper at ZSL London Zoo