Welcome To The ZSL Archive

The Library of the Zoological Society of London houses ZSL’s Archives. The Archives of ZSL are a rich and varied range of records concerning the history of the scientific learned society which was, and continues to be, a knowledge hub for zoology. The Archives date from the earliest days of the Society in 1826, to the modern day. The majority of the unique records have been produced as a result of ZSL’s activities and span the history of ZSL itself, and the zoos it owns: ZSL London Zoo and ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. The Archives also contains papers of scientists and personalities associated with ZSL.

ZSL's Archives also includes objects and 'Zoophemera' such as a Keeper jackets, badges, medals and Music Hall song sheets.

Use the catalogue to discover the Archive collections of ZSL. Use the search box at the top of this page or select the browse option to get started. Click on 'Search Tips' below to learn more about how to use the catalogue.

Use the general ZSL Library catalogue if you are looking for other resources such as printed books, journals, art works, and links to online resources: http://library.zsl.org

ZSL recognises that some publications and original material held in the ZSL Library and Archives contain offensive or harmful language. This harmful content goes against the values of ZSL but is catalogued and retained as part of a historical record in zoology and wildlife conservation.

If you encounter problematic language in ZSL's Library or Archives catalogues, please email library@zsl.org. Staff will review and update the description and/or provide additional context. We welcome your feedback..

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