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  • B.U.G.S (which stands for Biodiversity Underpinning Global Survival and formerly called Web of Life) is held in a building called the Millennium Conservation Centre, and aims to educated the public about biodiversity. The building displays over 140 species, the majority of which are invertebrates. They include leafcutter ants, jewel wasps, golden mantella frogs, brown rats, bird-eating spiders, desert locusts, naked mole rats, leaf insects, moon jellyfish, Polynesian tree snails (Partula), Giant African land snails, cave crickets, fruit beetles and black widow spiders. The Millennium Conservation Centre aims to be environmentally friendly, constructed from materials requiring little energy to produce, and generating its heating from the body of heat of both the animals and visitors. In May 2015, an exhibit called In With the Spiders opened in B.U.G.S as Europe's first and only spider walkthrough exhibit. It houses many differed types of spiders including one of the United Kingdom's most endangered animals, the fen raft spider. Web of Life opened in 1999 and it changed its name to B.U.G.S in 2003.
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