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              Anderson, John
              SEC/7/1/11 · File · 1869-1871
              Part of ZSL Secretaries

              Letters from John Anderson to Philip Lutley Sclater regarding the Indian Museum in Calcutta

              SUP/5/1/1/27 · File · 1945
              Part of Superintendents

              Correspondence between Bombay Natural History Society and Geoffrey Marr Vevers regarding the shipment of leopard cubs to the Zoological Society of London

              SUP/5/1/2/31 · File · 1946
              Part of Superintendents

              Correspondence between Bombay Natural History Society and Geoffrey Marr Vevers regarding the import of animals to the Zoological Society of Great Britain, including a Sloth Bear Cubs and Snakes

              SUP/5/1/2/36 · File · 1946
              Part of Superintendents

              Correspondence between British Museum (Natural History) and Geoffrey Marr Vevers regarding a report of a Black-Headed Gull to the Bird-Ringing Committee at the British Museum of Natural History, articles on Okapi by Reginald Innes Pocock, an account of the baby Dendrohyrax by Cecil Stanley Webb , Antarctic Seals, skins and skulls of small carnivores, the fox which the Zoological Society of London received from Tel Aviv Gardens, an exhibition of Tree Hyraxes, exhibits for Major Cottam, donations of specimens to the British Museum (Natural History), mongoose skins, Tangier Smith's location in Sze Chuan to locate the original Pandas, the release of Kodiak Bears at Whipsnade Zoo, publications by Doubleday on the Giant Panda, rings for a Golden Eagle from the Bird-Ringing Committee, the species of Monkey from Northern Nigeria, a Leopard from the Himalayas, measurements of the Kodiak Bears called Kam and Schatka at Whipsnade, and a donation of Hedgehogs to the USA

              NZSL/HOD/5/4/9 · Item · 3 Jan 1845
              Part of Non-ZSL Collections

              Canterbury January 3[r]d 1845

              The Trustees of the British Museum

              My Lords and Gentlemen
              I have this day delivered to the Agent of the Museum at this place the following articles in continuation of the series of drawings and specimens illustrative of the Zoology of Nepal and Tibet already presented to the Museum
              Drawings of Animals 15 +
              Drawings of Birds 70 = 85

              Skins of Mammals 402 +
              Skins of Birds 4444 = 4846

              Osteological specimens of Mammals 406+
              Osteological specimens of Birds 663 = 1069
              Grand Total as per details Lists delivered to Mr Gerrard 5996

              The osteological Specimens have been added to the others in compliance with a suggestion of the Keeper of the Zoological department after inspection of them, and I believe they will be found of high value not only in helping to determine the important question of the true nature and limits of species, but also in forwarding the great end of natural classification not to speak of the aids they will afford towards [fixing?] the particular species of my large Collection upon a firm basis. I shall be glad to learn that the Trustees ratify the suggestion of their Officer.
              This branch of the Collection, like the others, is rich in duplicates of which assuming that the originals are permanently deposited in the Museum, it is my request that one series may be hereafter delivered to the College of Surgeons if desired by that institution.
              The drawings now presented, amounting to eighty one constitute the regularly numbered sequel of the series to which they belong (20 inches by 12) and which series they nearly complete. What remains to conclude the set shall be prepared and sent as soon as may be. Meanwhile I recommend that prompt measures be taken by the Museum to secure possession of those which went before them and which having fallen into various hands do not seem to be, all of them, forth-coming as they ought to be. The numbered Catalogues according to wh[ich] these drawings were prepared and despatched from India, will afford a ready clue to the amount of drawings that ought to be forthcoming according to the Catalogues adverted to, the number of Species is as follows -
              Mammals of Nepal 126
              Birds of Nepal 656
              Mammals of Tibet 47
              Most of these species were separately delineated and of many of them there were several delineations in this series of drawings, not, to mention the larger series preceding it and which likewise, so far as carried, ought to be forthcoming and has been presented to the Museum

              B.H. Hodgson

              NZSL/HOD/5/2/27 · Item · [Undated]
              Part of Non-ZSL Collections

              To B.H. Hodgson

              Lord Derby wrote to me that you have written to him shall I send off his box of Specimens? The list of Drawings only refer to The Mammalia

              My Dear Sir
              The list sent are correct in the numbers but the names as I am aware are ludicrously wrong but this arrived from the ignorance of the copyer but I thought you would be able to recognise them when you send them back the names shall be corrected. It was quite impossible to describe the new species until the whole collection was [sorted?] that the new and old might be compared and you appeared so fearfull that we should keep all that I concluded the sooner we could get the duplicates out of the Museum the better you would be please. The Mammalia their Heads and Horns exclusive of the of the more or less imperfect skeletons which are not yet unpacked have been sorted as follows
              Skins Head and Horns
              British Museum 170 195
              Skins Skull and Horns
              Collection n. 1 102 Ind. H
              n. 2 78 ? [Leiden]
              n. 3 48 Paris
              n.4 37 Berlin
              Collection Skull etc for Col. Surg 50 [58]
              Horns for India House 45
              Collection 5 - 7 For Mus. Frankf
              6 - 1 [?] taken by Mr. Ogilby
              Horns [Promican?] to Mus. Canterbury 2-

              Bird Skins
              British Museum 1753
              No 1. Leyden M 655
              2 Paris Leyden 536
              4 Berlin 411
              5 Frankfurt 352
              6 321
              7 290
              8 259
              No 9 237
              No 10 213
              11 205
              12 169

              The birds names are nearly finished I much fear that there are many errors in the numbering of them two very differing kind[s] having the same number and the Bills shew they evidently do not belong to the genus of the [?]

              We have seen no more of Mr. Howard. Have you written to Mr Rees of the Zool. Soc. about the Drawing? I believe they have no or very few Birds [Bones] at the Zool. Soc. The anatomical museum I mentioned was Haslar near Gosport under the care of Dr. John Richardson the arctic traveller.
              Yours ever
              J.E. Gray

              NZSL/HOD/5/3/4 · Item · 20 Jul 1867
              Part of Non-ZSL Collections

              British Museum
              To A. Gunther

                1. 1867

              My dear Sir

              Many thanks for your very kind note which settles the question. I dare say I shall make use of your memoranda in next month's Annals and Mag and send you a proof before it is printed. Shall I send it your present address? In this case do not trouble yourself with a reply to this or to Dursley.

              Yours very truly
              A. Surtees

              NZSL/HOD/5/2/21 · Item · 29 Apr 1847
              Part of Non-ZSL Collections

              Darjeeling 29th April 1847

              To J. Forshall
              Secy. British Museum

              My dear Sir

              I have duly received the twelve copies of the General Catalogue of the Mammals and Birds of Nepal, founded on my own Catalogues and corrected as to [Synonymes] by Mr Gray, by order of the Trustees of the British Museum wherein are deposited the specimens and Drawings. I request you will convey to the Trustees my sense of the high courtesy that has dictated the printing under their authority of this catalogue separately from the general one of the museum and to add that it shall be mu endeavour by transmitting fresh and superior samples of such specimens and drawings are still defective or missing to make the collection quite complete and this show myself duly sensible of the consideration that has been [?] towards me by this distinguished Patron of science and literature. With regard to the remaining copies of the Catalogue of Nepal Mammals and Birds respecting the disposal of which you consult me. I request that one copy having been sent to each of the public institutions abroad and home to which duplicated of the specimens were transmitted under the auspices of the Trustees, the rest m[a]y be distributed to the most eminent individual cultivators of zoology foreign and English, such as Mr Temminck and J. Cuvier and Geof. St Hilaire and Colonel H. Smith, and Professor Owen and Dr. Falconer and Mr. Yarrel and Mr. Ogilby Secy. Zool. Socty. and Colol Sykes India Director reserving only two copies to be sent to my father B. Hodgson Eqre Canterbury. This Trustees, have already approved the distribution to Institutions and will no doubt excuse the trouble now imposed of distribution to individuals, in consideration of my remote and disabling position. I have only to add the request that each copy distributed m[a]y have inscribed on the flyleaf "With Mr Hodgson's compts"
              I remain
              My dear Sir
              Yours very truly

              NZSL/HOD/5/4/3 · Item · 15 Dec 1844
              Part of Non-ZSL Collections

              Dec 15 1844

              To the Trustees of the British Museum

              My Lords and Gentlemen,

              With reference to my recent letter to your address relative to my zoological collections and researches I have the honor to inform you that, my immediate return to India having just been decided on, I conceive it to be on many accounts most desirable that I should carry back with me my original Drawings as well as my Notes and Memoranda, leaving only my finished series of drawings together with the whole of my specimens in the possession of the Museum to be appropriated and distributed as already proposed.

              1. Accordingly I now request that my first proposition to you, my Lords and Gents. may be modified upon this plan because, in order to enable me on my return to India to resume and complete my zoological researches with the greatest rapidity and effect I shall need the whole of my original drawings and Notes, while my departure is so near that no time is left for any further proceedings in conjunction with the proposed Nominee of the Museum than the transfer to him of the specimens; and, indeed, to ensure that transfer being satisfactorily made it had become indispensable that not a moment be lost in the selection and despatch to Canterbury of the said Nominee.
              2. I beg leave therefore to solicit an early decision upon this point; for the specimens to be disposed of are exceedingly numerous and valuable and have been collected at so great a cost that it is most desirable their dispersal should be adjusted as far as possible before my departure.
              3. Of the series of finished drawings which I propose to present to the Museum a considerable number have been lent to an Artist of the name of Howard who [proposed?] their publication but has now desisted from that intention I recommend that steps be immediately taken by the Museum to recover possession of these drawings which were lent to Mr. Howard after they had been deposited in the Museum to which they are now presented by me, their sole and absolute owner.
              4. The small portion of the series which is unfinished, shall be transmitted by me from India as soon as may be, it being no longer possible to have them finished in London as before suggested by me.
              5. I return to India with the full purpose of effectively completing those researches which my sudden departure thence so sadly interrupted, and, in order, to their completion in the most satisfactory manner, I beg leave to suggest that some competent officer of the Museum be placed in communication with me and be authorised and directed to be [concert/consort?] which was mentioned in the prior letter, it being my anxious wish still to carry out, with the sanction and support of the Trustees, the complete original idea of an Illustrated Fauna of Nepal and Tibet based on these drawings; and I would accordingly hereby solicit the separate favourable consideration of the Trustees for that eventual undertaking which with the patronage of the British Museum would be extensively aided by subscriptions in India where when by sudden departure dislocated all my plans these drawings had already attracted general admiration owing to their extraordinary Zoological accuracy and to the quality of collateral illustrations of the habits and manners as well as the structures of species which they embrace and the fruit of years of continuous toil aided by the unique and irrevocable opportunities

              I have [the honor to be]
              B.H. Hodgson
              Late Minister at The Court of Nepal