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Archivistische beschrijving
Giraffe House plans
ARC/15/1 · Bestanddeel · 1960-1961
Part of Architecture and buildings

Plan and section drawings relating to the remodelling of the Giraffe House, London Zoo. Some hand annotations. Architect/engin

NZSL/HOD/5/2/1 · Stuk · 16 May 1835
Part of Non-ZSL Collections

23rd May 1835

Lt. Colonel Sykes
Albion Street
Hyde Park

My dear Sir
Owing to much [hurry?] in various ways I have to apologise for delaying this
to the moment of my leaving London
Very truly yrs.
Brian Hodgson Thursday [morning] 16 May

Proposal to publish
Through Swainson


Mem[oran]dum of Agreem[en]t. between Brian Hodgson of Canterbury Kent Snr. on the part& behalf of his son B.H. Hodgson now in India - and Mr. Swainson of Tyttenhanger Green, Herts. Esq. on the other.

  1. On the part of Mr Hodgson it is agreed to place at the disposal of Mr Swainson all such materials whether of “ Drawings. Specimens, or Descriptions, in his possession as Mr Swainson may require for publishing an Atlas, or collection of Plates, as hereafter specified relative to Mr. Hodgson’s researches hereafter on the Zoology of India and to assign to Mr. Swainson the sole right & title to the copyright of the said work.
  2. A duplicate series of specimens. When the specimens are in duplicate will be given to Mr Swainson on the part of Mr [?] Swainson it is agreed as follows: -
  3. That the atlas or collections of Plates relative to Mr Hodgsons researches shall be published in folio (17 y2 inches by 12 inches) and in monthly or alternate monthly numbers, - each to contain twelve colored(sic) plates - price one guinea each number and the whole to be completed in fifteen numbers at the cost of Fifteen Guineas to Subscribers - a few large paper copies to be printed and published at two guineas each.
  4. The original drawings and specimens, where [when?] no longer required, shall be returned to Mr Hodgson
  5. Mr B.H. Hodgson’s names of all new species will be retained & all the errors of nomenclature will be rectified by Mr Swainson on behalf on the part of Mr Hodgson
  6. The whole of the funds for publishing this work will be provided by Mr Swainson but each party will pay their own postage & parcels
  7. This Agreement to have the same force and efficacy as if drawn up in legal language.
    Witness our hands this 23d May of 1835
    Signed William Swainson
    Apt. Commisary General
    Note: Six colored copies of the entire works will be supplied to Mr Hodgson gratis W.S.
Plans of Old Lion House
ARC/1/1 · Bestanddeel · 1975
Part of Architecture and buildings

2 large prints of the survey of the old lion house, originally designed by Antony Salvin Jr (1875-7) which was replaced by the New Lion Terraces in 1976

NZSL/HOD/5/3/1 · Stuk · 18 Jun 1858
Part of Non-ZSL Collections

Zoological Society of London
11, Hanover Square
London W

June 18th 1858

Dear Sir

I am extremely gratified that the manner in which your new species was published in the Proceedings has met your approbation and I have no doubt that in your memoranda there must be much which would afford interesting matter for future papers.

As Dr. Gray originally suggested to Dr. Horsfield that your new species should be described in the Proceedings, and had, I believe the merit of selecting those which were most suitable for the figures. I have thought it best to consult him on the subject of your letter of the 10th instant especially as he is one of our Vice Presidents and one of the most active members of our Publication Committee. Dr Gray undertakes to examine the collection of Mammalia and Bird Skins, to select such as appear new for description and such as appear to be desirable for the British Museum and he will then pack up and forward the duplications to any Museums or persons whom you may designate. The descriptions we propose to publish in the Society's Proceedings, illustrated as before with extracts from your memoranda. I think a very interesting series of papers may be made in this manner, and I hope you will approve of the plan. I have deposited the skins of Mammalia already received in the care of Dr. Gray. If you will give me an order for receiving the bird skins and box of drawings and Memoranda I will send them to him also, so that the examination of all may be commenced and we may be enabled to bring the papers successfully before the Society when our sittings recommence after the vacation. Your assistance will be required in translating the memo when they are in the Native tongue, but it will be unnecessary to trouble you until the collection has been gone through carefully in the first instance and the probable extent of what we shall have to do ascertained. Mrs Hodgson's pet is quite well. The [cheer?] and three species of [Gullophasis?] are breeding [freely?]. I expect to have near 100 birds in all.

I am Sir
Yours very faithfully

D.W. Mitchell

NZSL/HOD/5/5/1 · Stuk · [Undated]
Part of Non-ZSL Collections

My dear H
Many thanks, not withstanding the [?] of [conceit!]?
I hope I may bring the Raja to good [?] yet and without injury
to him - my great [?] and foe which I [?] so much - The
G G does not seem disposed to meddle with me in the least and as
I know how to bring His Highness to his senses, shall probably do so
now without interruption.
H is a man in 10,000 a [sincere] affectionate heard after the
[?] about he has had, is a jewel that few can feel they possess to the
extent he does.

[Signature and line above illegible]

ZSL Main Office plans
ARC/3/1 · Bestanddeel · 1909-1910, 1964-1967
Part of Architecture and buildings

Plan, section and elevation drawings relating to the construction of the ZSL Main Offices (and Library) at Regent's Park, dated January 1909 to March 1910. Included are details of elements reused from Hanover Square. Alterations to Library, 1964-1967. Some hand annotations and doodles. Architect/engineer/designer: J Belcher, Architect; Werner, Pfleiderer & Perkins Ltd, Engineers; J Jeffreys & Co, Heating and Ventilation Engineers; A Smith & Stevens, Lift Engineers. 

NZSL/HOD/5/4/1 · Stuk · 2 Jan 1844
Part of Non-ZSL Collections

Jan 2 1844

Received of B.H. Hodgson Esq the following bird skins

4 of [Lopia?] (Himalayana
2 of Heterura (Sylvania)
1 of Pachyglossa (Melanozantha)
1 - Tarsiger (Chrysaeus)
1 - Epornis [Epornis?]
1 - Myzornis Pyyhoura
1 - Myzornis
1 - Vivia
2 - Parus


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