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Alger, John
SEC/7/1/5 · Item · 1863
Part of ZSL Secretaries

Letter from John Alger to Philip Lutley Sclater ahead of his visit to Australia

Allan, Deffell & Co. 
SEC/6/3 · Item · 1857
Part of ZSL Secretaries

Letter from Allan, Deffell & Co. to David William Mitchell requesting assistance for Mr James Thompson and a collection of birds and some quadrapeds

Allan, George William
SEC/7/1/6 · Item · 1863
Part of ZSL Secretaries

Letter from Philip Lutley Sclater requesting the present address of George William Allan, who was proposed as a Fellow in March 1856

Allport, Morton
SEC/7/1/7 · File · 1869
Part of ZSL Secretaries

Letters from Morton Allport to Philip Lutley Sclater about the introduction of salmon to the waters of Tasmania

Al-Sabah, Sir Jaber Abdullah
SEC/13/1/1 · File · 1961
Part of ZSL Secretaries

Letter to Sir Jaber Abdullah Al-Sabah regarding details of his zoo to be published in the International Zoo Year Book and the exchange of animals

Alston, J M
SEC/13/1/2 · File · 1960
Part of ZSL Secretaries

Correspondence with Dr J M Alston, President of the Section of Comparative Medicine at the Royal Society of Medicine, regarding animal health

SEC/7/1/9 · Item · 1892
Part of ZSL Secretaries

Letter from Leopold Charles Maurice Stennett to Philip Lutley Sclater offering to get anything he wished during his trip to South Africa, and thanking him for a recent zoo ticket