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Corporate body · 1929-1973

The Association of British Zoologists was formed at the Meeting of British Zoologists on 5 Jan 1929 "to ensure a permanent organisation, with a Council which can represent British Zoologists between their annual Meetings". The first Council meeting was on 11 Jan 1930. Final meeting held 13 Jan 1973

Institute of Zoology
Corporate body

The Institute of Zoology is the scientific research division of ZSL. It is a government-funded research institute, which specialises in scientific issues relevant to the conservation of species and their habitats. The Institute of Zoology focuses its research on five areas: evolutionary biology, genetics, ecology, reproductive biology and wildlife epidemiology. The Institute was graded 4 in the 1997-2001 UK Research Assessment Exercise, and publishes reports annually. From the late 1980s the Institute of Zoology had been affiliated to the University of London. However, in 2000 this was replaced with a partnership with the University of Cambridge

In 1976 the Nuffield Institute of Comparative Medicine, the Animal Hospital, and the Pathology Laboratory were integrated to form the Institute of Zoology.