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Authority record
Heming, John
Person · 1904-

Temporary Helper and Assistant Stoker at ZSL London Zoo

Hyett, M H W
Person · 1898-1931

Stoker and Electrician at ZSL London Zoo

Lambert, Alfred Bernard
Person · 1891-

Stoker in the Aquarium and later Nightwatchman at ZSL London Zoo

Linforth, C
Person · 1842-1922

Stoker at ZSL London Zoo

Macey, Alfred
Person · 1867-

Electrical Staff, later Nightwatchman and Day Stoker at ZSL London Zoo

Martin, Edward
Person · 1880-

Stoker in the Aquarium of ZSL London Zoo

Milbourn, John William
Person · 1888-

Stoker, Odd Man, Helper and Keeper at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo