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Cotton Terraces
  • The Cotton terraces form the west section of the Middle Gardens, standing on the south bank of the Regent's Canal. The Cotton Terraces were the first major project to result from the 1958 redevelopment scheme. The accommodated ungulates - camels, deer, antelopes, cattle, horses and giraffes. It was designed to be in keeping with Decimus Burton's Giraffe House and to make the most of the landscape potential of the canal bank. It was built 1960-63, following a benefaction of £250,000 from Jack Cotton. Franz Stengelhofen and Sir Peter Shepheard, architects (Margaret Maxwell, assistant architect); F J Samuely and Partners, consulting engineers.
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Discovery Centre
  • The Discovery Centre, formerly the Penguin Cafe, was built as a 'cheap' or 'popular ' tea house. It has since been remodelled as an exhibition space and shop. Built 1923-24, Walter Hearn and Chuter, architects. Converted 1988.
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