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Sea Lion Splash
  • Formerly the zoo's Dolphin Pool, Seal Lion Splash is a daily demonstration in which the zoo's three trained Californian sea lions perform tricks and stunts in their pool (referred to as the 'Splash Zone').
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Sea Lion Pond and Viewing Stand
  • The Sea Lion Pond, formed for sea lions and penguins, was London Zoo's first attempt at naturalistic, or Hagenbeckian, outdoor display and was based on similar structures in Paris and Cologne. Its design, in principle if not in detail, may be due to Sir Peter Chalmers Mitchell, the Zoo's principal exponent of this type of naturalism. Built 1905. Viewing stand, dens and kiosk added 1967, Franz Stengelhofen, architect. Kiosk awning added 1989-90. Pond remade 1992. Demolished circa 2013 for Tiger Territory.
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Rhinos of Nepal
  • Opened in February 2008, Rhinos of Nepal houses a group of four Indian rhinoceros. The building aims to be environmentally friendly, using rain water captured on the roof to fill the pools, heating the pools with solar energy and featuring barriers that are made from recycled wooden railway sleeper instead of metal bars.
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