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Carnivore Complex 1 0
Casson Footbridge 1 0
Television and Film Unit 20 0
Butterfly House
  • The Butterfly House opened in 2016. The house is home to various species of butterfly and West African dwarf crocodiles. It is a walkthrough exhibit. The house is also home to one of the largest moths in the world; the atlas moth.
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Passage Through Asia
  • Passage Through Asia is a large paddock with no boundaries between visitors and animals. Visitors can only access the area by driving through it in their own cars or riding on the Jumbo Express train. The paddock houses herds of Bactrian camels, barasingha, fallow deer, sika deer and Père David's deer.
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Sea Lion Splash
  • Formerly the zoo's Dolphin Pool, Seal Lion Splash is a daily demonstration in which the zoo's three trained Californian sea lions perform tricks and stunts in their pool (referred to as the 'Splash Zone').
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Brighton 4 0
Bristol 8 0
Bedfordshire 4 0
Quebec 1 0