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Snowdon Aviary
  • The Northern Aviary, widely known as the Snowdon Aviary, is the largest of the Zoo's aviaries. It is a large tension structure and made of aluminium. An early example of a walkthrough aviary, its landscaping is integrated with the circulation system to allow the public close up views of birds in a variety of habitats. The aviary arose from Sir Hugh Casson's 1958 Development Plan as a replacement for the Great Aviary of 1888, situated near the Main Gate. Anthony Armstrong-Jones (Lord Snowdon) was commissioned to design the building in 1960 on the strength of his design for a birdcage at Mereworth Castle and a recommendation by the Duke of Edinburgh, then President of the Zoological Society and Lord Snowdon's brother-in-law. Armstrong-Jones had trained (but not qualified) in architecture so Casson brought in Cedric Price, who was soon joined by his friend Frank Newby. Built 1962-64, with a benefaction of £50,000 from Jack Cotton; Anthony Armstrong-Jones (Lord Snowdon) and Cedric Price, architects; Frank Newby (of F J Samuely and partners), engineer; Leonard Fairclough (London) Limited, general contractor; Carter Horsley, suppliers of super-structure; Westminster Engineering, suppliers of mesh cladding; Margaret Maxwell (of Bridgwater, Shepheard and Epstein), landscape consultant. Cost £125,000. In July 2021, restoration work started on the aviary which will repurpose it to house colobus monkeys.
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Skeaping's Horse
  • Skeaping's Horse was presented to The Tate Gallery in 1945. The Skeaping Horse was acquired by ZSL by a small group of subscribers in 1937. It was erected in Whipsnade Park in the same year and remained there until 1945. ZSL’s costs in erecting it amounted to about £12, and Council were promised that ZSL should not incur any expense, so it was deducted from the subscriptions received and John Skeaping was sent £115.
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Shelter south of the Bird House
  • Built 1928, as a memorial to F H T Streatfield, FZS, who left a legacy of £300
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Shelter north of the Northern Aviary
  • This long shelter, built in 1962-64 for open air seating, formed part of the Northern (Snowdon) Aviary development.
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