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Butterfly Paradise
  • Opened in May 2006, Butterfly Paradise houses several different species of butterfly and moth from around the world, as well as plant species specially selected to provide nectar and breeding areas for insects. Species on display include the clipper butterfly, blue morpho butterfly, atlas moth, zebra longwing, glasswing butterfly and postman butterfly. The exhibit also features a caterpillar hatchery and a pupa display cabinet, where visitors can witness different types of pupae and the development of new butterflies.
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African Bird Safari
  • The African Bird Safari opened in 2005 as a redevelopment of the old stork and ostrich house, replacing enclosures that were out of date by modern zoo-keeping standards. It is a walk-through exhibit housing various species of African birds including Von der Decken's hornbills, Bernier's teals, white-faced whistling ducks, Abdim's storks, Fischer's turacos, hamerkops, northern bald ibises, white-faced whistling ducks, superb starlings, blue-bellied roller and lilac-breasted rollers.
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Blackburn Pavilion
  • The Blackburn Pavilion is a rainforest-themed tropical bird aviary that opened in March 2008, as a refurbishment of the zoo's bird house. The building was originally constructed in 1883, as a reptile house. The pavilion houses fifty different species of exotic birds, including Socorro doves, scarlet macaws, blue turacos, Mindanao bleeding-hearts, red-crested turacos, violet turacos, scarlet ibis, Victoria crowned pigeons, white-throated toucans, splendid sunbirds, pied avocets, red-and-yellow barbets, red-billed leiothrix and blue-winged kookaburras. Outside the entrance is one of the pavilion's prominent features, a large elaborate clock by Tim Hunkin. It gives a bird-themed display every thirty minutes throughout the day.
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Ambika Paul Children Zoo
  • Built in 1995 using a one million pound donation from Dr Swarj Paul in memory of his daughter
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Butterfly House
  • The Butterfly House opened in 2016. The house is home to various species of butterfly and West African dwarf crocodiles. It is a walkthrough exhibit. The house is also home to one of the largest moths in the world; the atlas moth.
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Passage Through Asia
  • Passage Through Asia is a large paddock with no boundaries between visitors and animals. Visitors can only access the area by driving through it in their own cars or riding on the Jumbo Express train. The paddock houses herds of Bactrian camels, barasingha, fallow deer, sika deer and Père David's deer.
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Sea Lion Splash
  • Formerly the zoo's Dolphin Pool, Seal Lion Splash is a daily demonstration in which the zoo's three trained Californian sea lions perform tricks and stunts in their pool (referred to as the 'Splash Zone').
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