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Archival description
A H Garrod Notebook
VET/1/4 · Item · c1870-1877
Part of Veterinary and pathology

Research notebook of A H Garrod, Prosector/Anatomist at London Zoo (1871-1879). Contains notes on the post-mortems of animals. Most are not dated.

Barnes, Catherine
SEC/2/1/3 · Item · c.1830
Part of ZSL Secretaries

Letter from Catherine Barnes regarding a stuffed specimen of 'Ground Dove'. Says she was attempting to bring Edward Turner Bennett two live humming birds, fed on sugar solution, but both died in a storm

Beddard, Frank Evers
SEC/7/2/16 · File · 1898-1903
Part of ZSL Secretaries

Letters from Frank Evers Beddard to Philip Lutley Sclater regarding the cause of death of a giraffe in the Zoo, his appointment as Vice-Secretary, meetings of the flower memorial committee, the death of a calf of Sanger's elephant, the death of the Nasalis larvatus, the purchase of a Langur, a collection of plants, and his position as Prosector

Bobby's Memorial
EVE/33 · File · 2008
Part of Events and Exhibitions

Poster, photographs and schedule for the memorial to Bobby, a Silverback Gorilla who lived at ZSL London Zoo

Zoological Society of London
Churchill, Winston
SUP/5/1/3/13 · File · 1947
Part of Superintendents

Correspondence between Winston Churchill and Geoffrey Marr Vevers regarding the death of a female Kangaroo, and the cured skin which was sent to Winston Churchill

SUP/6/1/1/28 · File · 1949
Part of Superintendents

Correspondence between the Control Commission for Germany and George Soper Cansdale regarding the death of an Ostrich on deposit from Hamburg, and a question as to whether or not the Zoological Society of London wished to return the animals on deposit from Germany before the end of the agreed period of loan, i.e. 1950