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British Museum (Natural History)
SUP/6/1/2/3 · Unidad documental compuesta · 1950
Parte de Superintendents

Correspondence between the British Museum (Natural History) and George Soper Cansdale regarding specimens donated by the Zoological Society of London to the British Museum (Natural History)

SEC/2/1 · Sub-series · 1826-1836
Parte de ZSL Secretaries

Letters to E T Bennett (or to the Secretary of the Zoological Society). An occasional letter is addressed to John Bennett who was Edward's brother and a botanist at the British Museum. Mr Bennett commenced as Vice Secretary. He founded the library although it was, for a number of years, located in his office with less than 1000 books

Bell, Thomas
SEC/2/1/5 · Unidad documental compuesta · c.1830
Parte de ZSL Secretaries

Letters from Thomas Bell regarding his apologies that he will be unable to meet Edward Turner Bennett at the Gardens of the Zoological Society of London, proposed changes to the Gardens of the Society, a recommendation for William Cranley to work in the museum and an invitation to dinner

Burton, Decimus
SEC/2/1/14 · Unidad documental compuesta · 1834-1835
Parte de ZSL Secretaries

Letters from Decimus Burton to Edward Turner Bennett regarding his brother's giraffe, the location of the parrot cage, drawings of the museum, the risk of fires, and the meeting of the creditors of the Colosseum

Masters, W
SEC/2/1/51 · Unidad documental simple · 1833
Parte de ZSL Secretaries

Letter from W Masters to Joseph Sabine at Bruton Street regarding a present received by Canterbury Museum from S R Lushington, recently returned from India, comprising of 2 Hunt Leopards, 1 Royal Tiger and 2 Black Monkeys. They are currently in the West Indies Docks. The Museum has no facilities for handling them and asks to send for the animals to Regent's Park

Lewis, George Cornewall, Sir
SEC/6/36 · Unidad documental simple · 1850
Parte de ZSL Secretaries

Letter from Sir George Cornewall Lewis to David William Mitchell regarding the Treasury not being prepared to purchase the collection of the Museum of the Zoological Society of London

Barnum, Phineas Taylor
SEC/7/2/7 · Unidad documental compuesta · 1867-1886
Parte de ZSL Secretaries

Letters from Phineas Taylor Barnum to Philip Lutley Sclater regarding the purchase and transfer of Alice the elephant. Also a letter regarding the purchase of specimens for Barnum's Zoological Museum

Geological Survey & Museum
SUP/5/1/2/106 · Unidad documental compuesta · 1946
Parte de Superintendents

Correspondence between the Geological Survey & Museum and Geoffrey Marr Vevers regarding wells in the Zoological Society of London Gardens

Turner, Alan
SUP/5/1/2/214 · Unidad documental simple · 1946
Parte de Superintendents

Letter from Geoffrey Marr Vevers to Alan Turner of Coryndon Museum in Nairobi to thank him for the assistance he gave C S Webb in collecting animals for the Zoological Society of London

Authority of the Council
COU/8 · Unidad documental compuesta · 1841-1912
Parte de ZSL Council

Papers regarding the authority of the council of the Zoological Society of London, including the legal opinion on the right of Council to grant pensions to staff and office; information regarding the illegality of Council's submitting its acts performed by virtue of the powers so conferred on them for confirmation or reversal by a General Meeting of the Fellows; Council's authority to appoint staff without reference to the Fellows; original authority for paying the Secretary; legal opinion regarding Dr Sclater's pension; authority to the Society to dispose of property and a codicil to Sir Peter Chalmers Mitchell's will