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Archival description
DOC · Fonds · 1828-2002

Books filled in daily, listing the arrivals and departures, births and deaths of animals at London Zoo and Whipsnade. Other details mentioned in some of the books are numbers of visitors and money taken, particular visitors, keepers absent, unwell animals, building works, temperatures in the animal houses, weather. Also referred to as 'day books'.

Zoological Society of London
ZSL Presidents
PRE · Fonds · 1821-2003

Letters and papers relating to the position of President at Zoological Society of London

Zoological Society of London
The Zoological Club
TZC · Fonds · 1866-2003

The Zoological Club, connected with ZSL, was founded in 1866 by HW Bates, WH Flower, TH Huxley, PL Sclater, and others. The Club met to dine at various restaurants, including the Cafe Royal, before basing itself at London Zoo from 1914.

The Zoological Club
Architecture and buildings
ARC · Fonds · 1827-2004

ZSL had an in-house architecture department for many years, which was responsible for building of many of the iconic buildings still extant onsite today.

Zoological Society of London
Fellowship and membership
FEL · Fonds · 1829-2006

Records relating to the fellowship and membership of ZSL

Zoological Society of London
CON · Fonds · 1932-2007

Records of conservation work undertaken by ZSL

Zoological Society of London
COM · Fonds · 1843-2008

Records of the committees of London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo

Zoological Society of London
LEG · Fonds · 1830-2009

Legal records of ZSL

Zoological Society of London
Veterinary and pathology
VET · Fonds · 1829-2013

Records relating to veterinary and pathology at ZSL

Zoological Society of London