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              NZSL/ROP/12 · Unidad documental compuesta · 1974-1979
              Parte de Non-ZSL Collections

              Colour negatives of Indian python in captivity, dated 3 January 1976; captive jaguars, dated 17 June 1977; a hatching budgerigar and of a macaque/Celebes ape (Macaca nigra) and baby, dated September 1977; snakes in captivity, and some personal images, dated 25 December 1979

              Stanley, Edward Smith
              SEC/2/1/71 · Unidad documental compuesta · c.1834
              Parte de ZSL Secretaries

              Letters from Edward Smith Stanley regarding matters concerning the government, problems of the Zoological Society of London, supply and exchange of animals, discussion of descriptions and well-being of animals and the hatching of eggs