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              5 Descrição arquivística resultados para Flamingos

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              Khan Wild Animal Park
              SUP/6/1/2/35 · Documento · 1950
              Parte de Superintendents

              Correspondence between Khan Wild Animal Park and George Soper Cansdale regarding Lesser Flamingos for the Zoological Society of London

              Heame, William
              SEC/2/1/35 · Documento · 1833-1835
              Parte de ZSL Secretaries

              Letters from William Heame regarding the arrival of the Brig 'Adak' at London Docks with a Hawksbill Turtle, 2 Land Tortoises, 1 male ditto, 1 Pigeon, 6 Doves and a flamingo which is supposed to be dead and only a skin. Also speaks of the arrival of his display cabinet and asks the Zoological Society of London to select and withdraw all the insects they desire from drawers of his in their possession