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        Elephantidae, elephants

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            Elephantidae, elephants

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              STA/17/2 · File · 1931-1961
              Part of Staff

              Police message from Vevers informing Lawrence an elephant has died and he is needed at London Zoo, 1939; Order of Proceedings for the presentation of British Empire medals, 9 Nov 1953; obituary of Lawrence in "Nature", 1961, black and white photographs and newspapers. Also two medals from the Zoological Society of London for long service the British Empire Medal

              Khan Wild Animal Farm
              SUP/6/1/1/63 · File · 1949
              Part of Superintendents

              Correspondence regarding an offer to supply Elephants and Rhinocersoses to the Zoological Society of London

              Laverick, I G
              SEC/7/12/6 · Item · 1884
              Part of ZSL Secretaries

              Letter from I G Laverick to Philip Lutley Sclater regarding elephants in China

              NZSL/BUC/1/51 · Item · 9 Jul 1825
              Part of Non-ZSL Collections

              To Revd. W. Buckland
              Corpus Christi College

              9 J[ul]y 1825

              My dearest friend,
              We are just arrived after a rough passage and proceed to London tomorrow whether we get there tomorrow night, or not, I cannot tell you, but we shall certainly be at home on Sunday - Your Birds I have brought with me safely to this place, they are well stuffed and I hope you will like them - I saw in [Gagliano's?] Journal this morning that Professor Buckland had been presented by the Emperor of [B] with a small box composed of the fossil tooth of an elephant - We were only 3 days in Paris and are returned. The [?] family were as kind to me as before; they pressed me very much to dine with them to meet Lady [Davy/Barry?] and many English people, but my courage failed me - the last volume of Operman Fossilis was sent to you a little time since by a Quaker whose name I forget. M [?] admires the Duchess of Northumberland extremely he said "elle a beaucoup parle de vous" so that had I been in Paris I should without doubt have [been] introduced to her Grace. I have had another lesson in Lithography, and have brought a cargo of pencils home for Lithography - The Artist I mentioned to you, who draws so well on stone, complimented me very much on my attempt tho he was obliging enough to point out my errors.
              I have only heard once from home. I trust I shall find you all well - Every body ought to go abroad to know the happiness of returning home again. I hope this will find you in Oxford as I shall see you soon. I only add that I am missing my dearest friend.
              yr. very affectionate
              Mary Morland

              If unfortunately, you are not in Oxford pray write to me directly you receive this - Has the Chancellor decided?
              Ever yours

              Lewis, John Spedan-
              SEC/10/1/9 · File · 1939
              Part of ZSL Secretaries

              Correspondence between John Spedan Lewis, of the John Lewis Partnership, and Julian Sorell Huxley regarding the design and construction of a new Elephant and Rhinoceros House at the Zoological Society of London

              Library (ZSL)
              SUP/5/1/2/141 · File · 1946
              Part of Superintendents

              Correspondence between ZSL Library and Geoffrey Marr Vevers regarding a report about Congo Elephants to be deposited in the Library, the return of a book to the Library called 'Wild Animals in Captivity, a collection of photographs taken by the husband of Cherry Kearton, and a donation of engravings from Lady Smith Woodward

              McLachlan, Robert
              SEC/7/13/25 · Item · 1871
              Part of ZSL Secretaries

              Letter from Robert McLachlan of The Entomological Society, to Philip Lutley Sclater regarding an elephant trunk that was suffering from caries

              Milne, J W
              SEC/10/1/12 · File · 1939
              Part of ZSL Secretaries

              Correspondence between J W Milne and Julian Sorell Huxley regarding the financing of the construction of a new Elephant House, and a donation from Lord Leverhulme

              EVE/6 · File · 1960-1970s
              Part of Events and Exhibitions

              Records relating to the opening of enclosures and buildings including the Michael Sobell Pavilion, the Snowdon Aviary, the Elephant and Rhino Pavilion, and the Nuffield Institute

              Zoological Society of London