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            5 Descrição arquivística resultados para Caribbean

            Webb, C S
            SUP/5/1/2/231 · Documento · 1946
            Parte de Superintendents

            Correspondence between Cecil Stanley Webb and Geoffrey Marr Vevers regarding a proposed journey by C S Webb to British Guiana, with lists of birds, mammals and reptiles of Trinidad and Tobago. Also a letter regarding Zebras and Reticulated Giraffes

            Minor, Irwin S
            SEC/7/13/21 · Item · 1890
            Parte de ZSL Secretaries

            Letter from Irwin S Minor of the Royal Gaol Department of Trinidad, to Philip Lutley Sclater regarding the best mode to abolish certain pests that were playing havoc with their cocoa crops

            Kingsley, Charles
            SEC/7/11/12 · Documento · 1870-1871
            Parte de ZSL Secretaries

            Letters from Charles Kingsley to Philip Lutley Sclater regarding naturalists in Denver, Colorado, specimens for the Zoological Society of London, and the paper of the ex-governor of Trinidad

            Kenny, J S
            SEC/13/1/75 · Documento · 1958
            Parte de ZSL Secretaries

            Notes on the correspondence with J S Kenny of Trinidad regarding a consignment of reptiles and amphibians

            Kerr, Dennis
            CUR/7/1/1 · Documento · 1947
            Parte de Curators and Keepers

            Letters from D F Kerr of Trinidad Leaseholds Ltd offering to collection animals from Trinidad for London Zoo