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Sallé, Auguste
Pessoa singular · 1820-1896

Auguste Sallé was a French traveller and entomologist who specialised in Coleoptera. Following expeditions to the Southern States of the USA, the West Indies, Central America and Venezuela, Sallé returned to Paris to set up as a natural history and insect dealer

Sandys, -
Pessoa singular · fl 1868

Lady Sandys

Scherren, Henry
Pessoa singular · 1843-1911


Shipley, Arthur Everett, Sir
Pessoa singular · 1861-1927

Sir Arthur Everett Shipley was an English zoologist and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge. He read natural sciences at Christ's College, Cambridge, specialising in zoology. Shipley specialised in the study of parasitic worms, publishing nearly fifty papers on them and leading to his election as a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1904. He stayed at Cambridge, being appointed university demonstrator in comparative anatomy in 1886, lecturer in the advanced morphology of the Invertebrata in 1894, and reader in zoology in 1908. He was elected a fellow of Christ's College in 1887 and became college tutor in natural sciences in 1892. In 1891 he was appointed secretary to Cambridge's Museums and Lecture Rooms Syndicate. In 1910 he was elected Master of Christ's College, a post he held until his death, and from 1917 to 1919 he was Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge. In 1893, he published The Zoology of the Invertebrata, which became a university textbook

Sowerby, George Brettingham 
Pessoa singular · 1812-1884

George Brettingham Sowerby II was a British naturalist, illustrator and conchologist. Together with his father, George Brettingham Sowerby I, he published the Thesaurus Conchyliorum and other illustrated works on molluscs. He was elected a Fellow of the Linnean Society on 7th May 1844. He was the father of George Brettingham Sowerby III, also a malacologist