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Poole, K C
Person · fl 1946

Assistant in the Reptile House

Person · 1798-1864

William Charles Linnaeus Martin was an English naturalist. He was the son of English naturalist and palaeontologist William Martin (1767-1810), who named him after the taxonomist Carl Linnaeus. Martin was the curator of the ZSL Museum from 1830-1839. After this he was a prolific natural history writer, authoring many books and articles. Forty-five of his papers appear in the Proceedings of the Zoological Society.

Hindle, Edward
Person · 1886-1973

Professor Edward Hindle was a British biologist and entomologist who was Regius Professor of Zoology at the University of Glasgow from 1935 to 1943. He specialised in the study of parasites. He was founder of the Zoological Society of Glasgow. In 1943 he was appointed the first Scientific Director of the Zoological Society of London